10 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

10 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

It is important to own a gun for self defense and protection. Others also purchase guns for sporting activities like bird hunting. Whichever the reasons you have for purchasing a gun, it is very important that you also purchase a gun safe. In fact, some states will punish you for not taking this necessary safety precaution expected on all those who posses lethal weapons. A gun safe has several benefits ranging from security to good citizenship among others but here are the 10 most significant reasons to own a gun safe.

For Gun Safety

The best way to control access to your gun is through buying a gun safe. Without this, anyone can easily gain access and use your gun without your consent or supervision, especially if you are dealing with kids. There are many people you need to protect your gun from including friends, family members with spare keys, house sitters, visitors and burglars. Fancy glass displays may restrict children who are scared to cause permanent damage to the safe, but this is no challenge for burglars. Choosing sturdy gun safes is the only way to ensure your gun’s safety from unauthorized access.

A Demonstration of Responsible Gun Ownership

There are many anti-gun protests and political groups that are trying to violate your 2nd Amendment Right to gun ownership by claiming owners are irresponsible and evil. Gun accidents, regardless of the nature, will attract media coverage and further spur moves to eliminate all guns from the hands of the public. Buying a gun safe will not only protect your right, but also demonstrates your responsible gun ownership behavior leaving the protestors with nothing against you. It is also proof that you are a law-abiding citizen and own a gun strictly to protect your family and those around you by not exposing them to any negligence risks.

For Child Access Restriction Laws

Even with the absence of federal legislation, many states and districts have laws that require sufficient measures to prevent child access to guns. You are therefore required to have a gun safe which no child can break into and access your gun. Even if you do not have a child, you may have young visitor like nephews and nieces, grandchildren and relatives who show up with their kids. If you are found violating this law, you may be liable for criminal charges and lose the right to own a gun. Penalties vary from one state to another so it is important to look at your state’s laws although the mere presence of such legislation is one of the crucial reasons to own a gun safe.

Protect Your Gun From Burglars

If you have had your gun for a long time and become accustomed to shooting with it, then you must know just how much that is worth. Even if you made a recent purchase, it is an investment in your security. No one knows when burglars will break into their homes and guns are precious items they will not leave behind, unless you hid is behind a safe. Most modern safes are very cool and it is difficult to tell they are all just for guns. Burglars will not suspect a gun is safely stored inside them and even if they do, there is little chance they will have enough time to break into the safe.

Insurance Cover Requirements

Most insurance companies offer covers for firearm and you can find replacement values of up to $3000 or more. However, the insurance company will pay you for the book value, which is not always the price at which the gun currently sells in the market. Guns used over 50-100 years for instance may drop by up to half the cost in book value but the market price for used guns may still charge of the price. This leaves you with a deficit to meet if you lost your gun. Some covers also require owners to keep their firearm in a certified safe.​

Fire Protection​

This is one of the basic reasons to own a gun safe. Some safes are designed with additional fire protection to keep your gun safe in case of fire accidents. When other things are consumed in the fire, you gun will remain intact.​

Legal Protection

Despite your efforts to keep your gun safe and out of reach, misfortunes may still happen. Your gun can be stolen and there are some rare circumstances when strangers may have access to your house. There is no way of telling when you will forget to lock the door or trust your little cousin to keep watch while you are away and they mess up. If your gun ends up being stolen and/or used wrongfully, you may be liable for criminal charges. However, your lawyer can give you legal protection if you demonstrate you took adequate measures to prevent such rarities by keeping your gun in a safe. This can also help you attract full insurance coverage in case of stolen gun.

Valuables Protection

Gun safes will not only protect your gun from fire and theft cases, but are also spacious enough to keep valuable items and documents like title deeds, bonds, gold financial assets, birth certificates, passports, family heirlooms, marriage license, jewelry, lifelong collectibles, photos and even tax records among others.

Quick Access

Some gun safes are designed for quick access to help you reach it with ease when needed. If you have different cases for different accessories, a gun safe will help you keep your tools organized in one place for quick access even during emergency situations.

For Concealed Carriage

There are obviously many other laws and regulations for those who carry their pieces along. In addition to these requirements, you will need a place to keep your gun when not in use. Whether you leave it in the car or take it to your office, gun safes will help you conceal the firearm from other people.​

There are many other reasons to own a gun safe especially if you have children around or live in a populous area. Keeping your gun in a safe protects your family, those around you and also your piece. Rather than exposing your gun to the elements, store it is a safe designed to maintain its quality. It is advisable to choose top designs in the market as there are just as many sub-standard offers you can easily land.