6 Strategies to Prevent Your Gun Safe From Being Stolen

Strategies to Prevent Your Gun Safe From Being Stolen

According to research, a minimum of three guns are stolen in just one day. This is very common in New Orleans. The key reason as to why cases of gun theft are dominant is due to negligence by gun owners. A good percentage of gun owners do not invest in gun safes to store the guns. For those who have gun safes, they do not observe high standards of security. As a result, the gun safes end up getting stolen. As a licensed gun owner, you need a gun safe to store the gun efficiently. A gun safe is essential in ensuring guns are safe and hardly accessed by unauthorized persons. After purchasing a gun safe, it is crucial to go an extra mile to prevent it from being stolen. Be certain that the gun safe is safe so that it can progressively protect your gun. This is because the gun safe is relatively small making it very easy to be stolen. Incorporating safety measures such as cable locks and trigger locks enhance the security of a gun safe. How else can you prevent your gun safe from being stolen? This article offers 6 useful strategies.

Keep the Gun Safe Locked at All Times

The National Rifle Association asserts that a gun safe has to be locked continuously to enhance its safety. The locking mechanism used should be of high quality. This greatly minimizes the chances of the gun safe being interfered with. As mentioned earlier on, trigger locks and cable locks are the most recommended locking mechanisms. To ensure the locking mechanism chosen is efficiently installed, seeking the services of a professional locksmith is important.

Anchor the Gun Safe

Anchorage is one of the best strategy to prevent the gun safe from being stolen. The gun safe can be attached to a wall or a piece of equipment that presents complications to thieves. This is a quick to implement strategy especially if the gun safe purchased has accessories that enable a gun owner to mount it on to a wall or a floor.

Choose a Strategic Location

The place where a gun safe is located in your home is very crucial. Do not merely choose any section of your house. Take time to assess the most suitable location that will accord the gun safe maximum protection. A secure location should be chosen away from windows and doors. Locating a gun safe near windows and doors risks it being noticed by neighbors. The simple rule of the thumb is to ensure the gun safe can hardly be detected by people. This strategy goes hand in hand with concealing your gun safe.

Conceal Your Gun Safe

When the gun safe is out of sight, it is difficult for unwanted persons or robbers to locate it. Concealing the gun safe ensures that visitors and family members such as your children are not aware of its existence. At times, your children can innocently tell strangers you have a gun safe if you do not conceal it. To avoid such an unpleasant scenario, conceal the location of the gun safe.

Which are the places in which you can conceal your gun safe?

The bedroom

Your bedroom serves as one of the best places to conceal your gun safe. It is out of reach to adults and children. For instance, a drawer in your bedroom can help you conceal the gun safe. This is realized if the design of the gun safe can comfortably fit in the drawer. Further, ensure you lock the drawer at all times as much as your bedroom is inaccessible by other individuals. The space between the bed and a nightstand can also be used. The main advantage of using this space is to uphold security and at the same time facilitate ease of access of the gun safe whenever it is needed.

In a Closet

If you have a closet with several compartments, it can be a good place to hide your gun safe. It is important to ensure the compartment chosen makes the gun safe barely visible. The compartment at the top is ideal.

Choose a Gun Safe With a Quality Door

The gun safe door is as important as the safe itself. It plays a big part in ensuring the safe is not stolen. In most cases, individuals are tempted to conform to the notion that the thickness of the gun safe door is all that matters. But in actual sense, the thickness adds little or no impact to the safety of the safe. The best gun safe door is one that is made of solid steel. There should be no gaps between the door and the safe. The gaps will give thieves an advantage making it very simple for them to steal the gun safe. It is even worse if gaps exits and are very large. Thieves are able to insert any type of a tool to open it and steal its contents-guns. If you decide to purchase another gun safe, take into consideration the quality of its door. It can go a long way in protecting your gun safe once it is in your home.

Choose a Gun Safe With Superior Technology

This step majorly addresses prospective gun owners. However, an existing gun owner can replace the current gun safe with one that is technologically powerful. Prior to purchasing a gun safe, consider the available options offered by different safe manufacturers. Technology has enabled manufacture of gun safes that make use of biometric technology. Purchasing such a gun safe will prevent it from being stolen. In order to have access to this type of gun safe, a gun owner fingerprints’ need to be detected. Thus, robbers and other restricted persons are denied the ability to steal or access the gun safe.

In conclusion, gun safety must be observed at all times. The pathway to gun safety is a secure gun safe. As elaborated in this article, there are many strategies that can be used to bar unauthorized persons and robbers from accessing a gun safe. It is your duty as a gun owner to implement them in order to enhance the safety of your gun safe at all times.