Biometric Gun Safe

Best Biometric Gun Safe

As technology advances safe manufacturers keep up with the trends so they came up with a new kind of safes – biometric safes. Biometric gun safes are the newest type of safes, in a way they are the most reliable ones too. They open with the touch your finger. They are the fastest to open among gun safes which makes them very desirable since we all want to be protected in unexpected circumstances. You have to code your safe to read only your fingerprint so that only you can open it. Many biometric gun safes have more than one fingerprint option so you can code more fingerprints, either the fingerprints of your adult family members or your own but different fingers and at a different angle.

There are several types of the best biometric gun safes. Just about any type of safe can have a biometric lock. A small gun safe, a gun cabinet, a portable gun safe, a vehicle gun safe, a hidden gun safe and many other types. Biometric gun safes are great because you can be sure than no one, other than yourself and the people you’ve entrusted with the safe, can open it and steal your gun. It serves as a great protection preventing your children from reaching your weapon.

Biometric Gun Safe: What to Look For​

It is very important to think thoroughly before buying a biometric gun safe since you need to know what purpose it will be fulfilling. We will enlist the most basic features that all biometric gun safes share as well as some details you have to keep in mind when buying a new gun safe. So, let’s see:​

  • Types of biometric gun safes: You have to keep in mind that there is a vast variety of biometric gun safes. So, if you have more than one gun and maybe some rifles, you should definitely consider opting for a gun cabinet. If you travel a lot by car or truck, maybe vehicle gun safe would be the best choice for you. If, on the other hand, you wouldn’t like anyone to know you even have a safe, let alone a gun, you should definitely choose a hidden gun safe… All of those safes can be biometric.
  • Batteries: you have to keep in mind that the vast majority of these safes are powered by batteries, but some of them have an A/C adapter which, according to us, is a better option because that way you can be positive that your safe wouldn’t die in the middle of an emergency. But, do not worry since many of those safes have batteries that last up to two years which is a long, long time.
  • Number of fingerprints: when buying a biometric safe, check how many fingerprints can be programmed into the safe. Some safes can memorize only one, and some can memorize more than a hundred fingerprints. Many of those fingerprint readers are very picky so you should program your fingerprint from many angles just to be sure it recognizes your finger in case of an emergency. You should also program more than one finger in case your fingers get injured.
  • Size: you should plan the size of your safe according to the size of your gun. Nothing special here, just keep I mind not to buy a safe that is too small for your weapons.
  • Other features: some biometric safes are also fireproof, waterproof and generally more resistant than the others, but, consequently, cost more.

There are numerous types of biometric gun safes so be careful when choosing the one that best suits your needs. Just follow our instructions and we are sure you will get the best safe that will meet all your requirements. The most important thing is that your safe is reliable, safe and durable. If your kids cannot reach your guns and the burglars cannot break into your safe they you’ve chosen the right safe, the rest is more or less a commodity. Our recommendation is that sometimes it is better to pay a bit more and get a really sturdy and trustworthy safe which will keep you happy and protected for many years because nothing is more important than safety.