Fireproof Gun Safe

Best Fireproof Gun Safe

In a world where you never know what might happen the best thing you can do is to protect your belongings, yourself and your family in every way possible and prepare yourself for any possible situation. Fire is, unfortunately, a pretty common phenomenon and, keeping that in mind, you can prepare for the worst case scenario by buying a fireproof gun safe. There, you can keep not just your gun but also important documents and valuables that might get ruined in the fire. There is a vast variety of fireproof safes; they differ in type and in the level of their resistance to fire.

The best fireproof gun safe not only keeps your belongings safe in case of a fire but is, oftentimes, also waterproof which is great in case of a flood and will serve its purpose if you have smoke detectors and automatic sprinklers in case of a fire. The types of fireproof gun safes are numerous. This article will help you decide which type is the best option for you and your family.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe: What to Look For​

Since you have decided to go for a fireproof gun safe we know that you want maximum protection so we are going to help you choose the safest option without additional features that you are not looking for so that you and your family can be careless and safe. Let’s check out some of the general features that all the fireproof gun safes share and some of the details that might help you choose the one that meets all your requirements.​

  • Types of fireproof gun safes based on the type of lock: Fireproof gun safes can have a key lock- that is a good option for people who choose reliability above all. A key lock gun safe will literally never let you down because its lack of electronics and batteries guarantees no breakdowns and no malfunctions. You can rest assured that it will not just die in the middle of a crisis. Another option is a biometric lock which reads your fingerprint. It is the newest, safest and quickest kind of lock. You can unlock your safe in the middle of the night with no light just by pressing your finger against the reader, but it has a downside- the batteries can run out. But, keep in mind that you can get rechargeable batteries and change them often and there will be no problem. Another option is great if you are prone to losing your keys but are great at memorizing codes: a combination lock. You can set your combination and no one else will be able to enter your safe. The down side are the batteries, but that problem can be solved with rechargeable batteries.
  • Types of fireproof safes based on the type of the body: there is a vast variety of safes you can choose from. It all depends on your needs. If you travel a lot by a personal vehicle the best option for you would be a vehicle gun safe. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of weapons you might want to buy a gun cabinet. If you don’t want anyone to know you have a gun, or a safe for that matter, you should probably acquire a hidden safe and if you want to be absolutely sure no one will steal your safe the best thing to purchase is an in-wall safe.
  • Fire rating: Fire ratings are evaluated by testing to see if safes can withstand varying furnace heat for a given amount of time. For example, the UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating means that the internal temperature of the safe will not top 350°F for at least 1 hour when exposed to external temperatures over 1700°F. A safe may have a 1-, 2-, or 3-hour time classification. In addition, the safes are heated and then dropped from about 30 feet of height to be tested against explosions.
  • Size: the only thing you have to take a care of is that everything you plan on putting in the safe actually fits the safe.

All in all, we hope that we have given you a clearer picture about fireproof gun safes and that now you know exactly which safe to buy. Just follow our instructions which will lead you to the perfect safe that will meet all your requirements and maybe even amaze you with some additional features you didn’t even know you needed. Safety first.