Best Place to Put a Gun Safe in Your Home

Best Place to Put a Gun Safe in Your Home

Gun safes can help you protect your gun and family and also abide with statutory laws required. However, a challenge emerges once you have a good gun safe; where should you place it? Many people do not know where to put a gun safe especially since this decision if often a compromise between convenience and safety. More conveniently accessible places may sound interesting but this will mean easy access to anyone and consequently a low protection level for your gun. Inconvenient locations on the other hand make access difficult while improving your gun’s protection. It is important to place your gun safe where you can quickly access it in case of emergency, and far from the public eye (kids and visitors) when not in use. Here is an evaluation on some of the best areas to place a gun safe.

Best Location at Home

Majority of people will naturally store their guns in the bedroom. This is because bedrooms are the most out of sight room in your house and visitors are generally not allowed to come close to your bedroom for whatever reason. You can find designs that are spacious enough to accommodate your riffles and short-guns, and small enough to blend with your bedroom fixtures and décor. Bedrooms also allow you to quickly access your gun when attacked. However, bedrooms are also popular stopovers for burglars and you may want to consider other safer rooms. You can pick the basement if you have heavier safes, but beware of flooding risks.

Best Location in Your Car

This option is only possible for much smaller gun safes that can be fit inside your truck. When in need to leave your gun safe in the car, there are various places to consider. The most important thing is to keep your car away from potential car thieves in a secure parking lot. Within the car, find designs made to fit under car seats secured with a cable. Even if car burglars are able to break in, they should have a hard time telling the difference in storage compartments available, and pulling the safe from its location. Try to make your car gun safes the same color and polish as your car’s interior design.

Best Location in Your Office

Speed-volts placed at the side of your home or workplace office desks are the ideal locations to keep your gun safe for such needs. They ensure quick access and cannot be easily opened without the original key. However, make sure the office desk is designed for improved security. It should be a sturdy design made of hard wood or metal that cannot be broken with ease.

Keeping Your Gun Safes Safe

Gun safes come in varying designs, shapes and sizes. Some are very large and cannot fit inside the car or office spaces. For such safes, you will need to pick a location that eliminates two main risks; fire and humidity. When choosing the location to place your safes, it is important to also consider space, climate and specific design of safe you own.​

Places to Avoid Fire Damage

You should not place your gun safe close to fire sources like the kitchen. It is also advisable not to put your safe in rooms that open to the kitchen or those located immediately adjacent to the kitchen. Rooms located below the kitchen are also at risk of water damages especially since the firefighters will spray a lot of water in an attempt to kill the fire. Moreover, the kitchen may collapse and damage the safe with your gun inside. Garages should also be avoided as they contain fuels and fumes that are flammable and most of the non-metal materials in the garage will almost certainly be consumed to ashes in case of fire accidents. The best location you can place your gun safe is somewhere close to a concrete slab such as the first floor over crawl spaces. Simply avoid places that are too close to fire sources and the kitchen should never be considered.

Places to Avoid Humidity Damage

Humidity and water can quickly damage your gun safe and also prevent your guns from firing when you need them to. It is therefore important to put your safes away from water sources and rooms that have excess humidity. The basement is often a preferable option as you can tie the safe on the concrete wall. However, this may not be ideal if you live in flood prone areas. For such residents, the first floor can be a good alternative. Make sure your floors can accommodate the safe’s weight especially since some models weigh up to 1000 pounds or more.

Where to Put a Gun Safe to Prevent Burglary

Keeping your gun safes away from the sights of burglars and visitors is very important. Although you cannot adequately prevent burglary, you can make it difficult for them to find and make away with your guns or safes. To achieve this, you must know where the burglars visit first when they break into a home. Burglars will generally take a short time to steal the items within their reach and flee in fear of capture. They tend to visit the living room and master bedroom first as they expect these rooms to be preferable locations for valuables and money stacks. If they have more time or find nothing precious in the first rooms, they will move to your office and garage as well as any visible place from the front and back doors. The recommended place to put your gun is your basement. They are not only concealed and hard to access, but burglars also feel discouraged to drag stolen items up the stairs as it takes more effort and they can easily be caught with no spare exit to flee towards. Avoid garages as it is easy for the contents of your garage to be seen anytime you park or leave with your car.

There is no single ideal place where you can put a gun safe as people have different needs and spaces. When some people will find basements more secure, others will feel more secure if their safes are concealed within their bedroom walls. You should review your options before choosing one with fire and humidity exposures making your top concerns. The location should give you quick access, yet keep the safe concealed from visitors and burglars.