Why Do You Need to Keep Your Weapons Locked

Why Do You Need to Keep Your Weapons Locked

A surge in insecurity has motivated individuals to acquire weapons to protect their lives. In most countries, acquisition of weapons is treated as a right. When individuals met the requirements needed to legally possess a weapon, they are granted the permission to acquire one. It is true that weapons such as guns are effective protection mechanisms. For example, in the event that individuals are attacked by thieves, they can use shoot the thieves in self-defense. But let us also not forget the risks associated with owning weapons. Year in, year out, weapons/firearms continue to cause irreparable damage to individuals. Cases such as accidental deaths and multiple injuries are reported in different parts of the world. All these cases are attributed to weapons that are carelessly stored. In America, cases of children mishandling guns and unintentionally shooting others have been reported. These cases offer enough justifications to keep your weapons locked. The main objective of keeping weapons locked revolves around intensifying the safety of the individuals. Let us divulge 4 reasons why it is necessary to keep weapons locked.

To Adhere to the Set Rules and Regulations​

States have different rules and regulations concerning storage of weapons. However, all the set laws stress on the important of keeping weapons locked. States enact these laws because of the dangers that weapons cause if not properly handled and stored. The dangers entail:​

  • Children can kill themselves or their parents out of sheer curiosity to handle a gun.
  • Mentally challenged persons can shoot their family members unconsciously.
  • Individuals with temperamental attitude can kill others if they come across a gun when agitated.

To comprehensively point out why individuals need to lock their weapons, let us consider a number of laws.

Examples of Rules and Regulations​

  • Some states make it compulsory for gun owners living with persons deemed unqualified to possess weapons to store their weapons in a locking device.
  • New York laws demand that gun owners living with persons convicted of crimes, mentally unstable or capable of domestic violence to always keep their weapons locked.
  • California laws demand that authorized firearm owners should keep their firearms locked if they are residing with persons prohibited by the state law from accessing firearms.
  • Majority of states require gun owners living with children to make sure their weapons are inaccessible by keeping them locked in a safe gun.

As illustrated above, states have enacted laws that govern the operation of weapons. Any person who possesses a gun should strive to ensure it is always locked as a way of conforming to the set laws.

To Ensure the Safety of Small Children and Teenagers

Home defense is critical. Perhaps you have decided to purchase a weapon to heighten your home security. As you embark on this venture, you must bear in mind your children as well. It is obligatory to keep them safe. Some parents assume that their children do not have knowledge regarding how a gun is operated. It is wrong to assume so. Nowadays, children as young as 3 years can operate a gun and cause a lot of harm. Besides, most of them ache with curiosity to get hold of a gun and try to operate it. You will not always be at home to prevent your small children and teenagers from indulging in curiosity. When you are away, they can accidentally come across the gun if you fail to store it appropriately. It can be catastrophic since the children can accidentally shoot themselves or those around them leading to unforeseen deaths. Thus, homeowners who have firearms need to be vigilant in ensuring weapons are stored carefully. The availability of gun safes can support you in keeping your gun locked. You only need to ensure you have acquired a superior gun safe and the safety of your children is assured. Biometric gun safes are the most efficient as they offer confidence to a gun owner. The children do not have the capacity to open them and in the process inflict harm on themselves.

To Prevent Accidental and Negligent Discharge​

A good number of people acquire weapons with one intention in mind. To only use them for home defense when dangerous situations arise. Is this always the case? The answer is a No. Studies by experts have further affirmed that the occurrence of accidental discharge and negligence is more likely than home defense among individuals who possess weapons. How is accidental discharge and negligence triggered? Weapons do not cause danger to individuals on their own. We are responsible for the harm weapons impose on us. Where weapons are stored, how they are stored and who handles them matters. Carelessly storing weapons leads to accidental and negligent discharge. This results because a weapon such as a gun that is loaded can yield harm in a few seconds when in the wrong hands. The only solution to these challenges is to keep the weapons locked in a quality safe.​

To Prevent Theft of Weapons​

You can never be sure when thieves will decide to target your home. Cases of gun theft are always on the rise. Thieves cannot resist the temptation to steal a gun if they know you have one. Whenever the opportunity to break into your home manifests, thieves will not waste it. It is better to be prepared when they strike. As a gun owner, you have to always ensure your weapons cannot be accessed by thieves if they break into your house. There is no better way of protecting your weapons than keeping them locked. Locking them in lock boxes and safe guns is a great technique of ensuring thieves do not abscond with them.​

In conclusion, keeping weapons locked awards the owners and the people surrounding them with benefits. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the law, witness unintended and negligent discharge, have his /her children meet their death prematurely or lose weapons to thieves. The sure way to do so is to keep the weapons locked when they are not needed. Keeping the weapons locked will enhance their safety as well as the safety of all individuals.